Oh my head, my head is a prison. No one ever visits. It's just you and me.

Put God first. Put God first in everything you do. Everything that I have is by the grace of God. Understand that it's a gift. I've been protected, I've been directed, I've been corrected. I've kept God in my life and it's kept me humble. I didn't always stick with him, but He always stuck with me. So stick with Him, in everything you do. If you think you wanna do, what you've think I've done, then do what I've done and stick with God. — Denzel Washington ~ Source:

It worked for Denzel Washington. It seems to be working for me. Who's to say it's not going to work for you?

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“Those who are at war with others, are not at peace with themselves.” – William Hazlit ~Source:

Makes sense. And is similar to the idea that, the negative comments and criticism that you get online, is not a reflection of you, but rather, a reflection of the person giving out the criticism.

That said, this also goes the other way. If you are the one always giving out negative comments and always criticizing other people, then what does it say about you?

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The books Deep Work by Cal Newport and Show Your Work by Austin Kleon are at odds with each other.

Deep Work advocates locking things down and going distraction free to focus on your work. While Show Your Work advocates giving out continual updates on your work and making use of social media to do so.

Cal would say that the time spent promoting your work on social media, is time better spent doing work or improving your skills. It’s basically a distraction. And in his book, he quotes some people who actually benefited from avoiding social media and focusing on deep work.

Austin would say, if you want your work to be discovered, then you need to keep sharing updates on it. Usage of social media is one of the best ways to do that. Actually his book gives out great advice on what to post on social media. No, he advises against posting about your life or documenting your life on social media. Rather, he suggests posting about what you're working on. Show your work, not show your life.


I'm a blogger. And like most bloggers, one blog isn't enough. So here's another one for you guys and gals.

Like most bloggers who start up a new blog, I needed an outlet. I needed a place to write about stuff that I've been thinking about. And I needed to share it with others, because I want to know if my thoughts resonate with others or not. So hence, a blog.

Why is it called Phantasms? In all honesty, I was just looking for a catchy word to use as a blog name. I searched for synonyms of the word “thoughts” and this came up as a related word. Then I realized that I oftentimes consider my thoughts as phantasms. If thoughts could be seen roaming around in my brain, then all these random thoughts I would have here and there, they are phantasms in my mind. Also let's be honest here, “Phantasms” sounds better than “My Thoughts”, which is essentially what this blog is about: My thoughts on life and whatever other topic I want to write about.

As for who I am, I decided to be a little vague on that front, but you can find a bit more info on this blog's About page.

I hope you decide to stick around, read through my stuff and converse via email. And then we can see if the phantasms in my mind are the same as yours, or not. Either way is fine with me.


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